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TRAC 2013: Scientific Advisory Board Presents Research
Performance Health held its 15th annual Scientific Advisory Committee meeting (known as “TRAC”) in Moscow, Russia. Seventeen researchers and clinicians from 6 countries presented their research on Thera-Band® and Biofreeze® products.
“Our Scientific Advisory Committee brings the latest research to us that helps clinicians make evidence-led decisions, which ultimately benefits patients and clients,” said Dr. Phil Page, Global Director of Clinical Education and Research for Performance Health. “This group represents the commitment of Performance Health to research and education over the past 15 years,” continued Dr. Page.
Abstracts from their 25 research presentations are available for download in the TRAC Proceedings. In addition, TRAC members published 31 papers and abstracts, including 11 collaborative projects in the past 12 months.

This year’s members included:

Lacy Alexander PhD (USA)

Lars Andersen PhD (Denmark)

David Behm PhD (Canada)

Duane Button PhD (Canada)

Bart Bishop PT (USA)

Tony Brosky PT DHS (USA)

Juan Colado PhD (Spain)

Todd Ellenbecker PT (USA)

Jeff Forman PhD MT (USA)

Jay Greenstein DC (USA)

Andre Labbe PT (USA)

Michael Rogers PhD (USA)

Tim Tyler PT ATC (USA)

Mike Voight PT, PhD, ATC (USA)

Leo Wang PhD PT (China)

Kate Wolin ScD (USA)

Sergey Starikov, PhD (Russia, guest)

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